The Joy in Wine

Perhaps you’ve heard of ‘En Vino Veritas’?  Well, I think there is more to it than that: ‘En Vino Gaudium’.  I owe it to my brother for introducing me to the joy of wine.  We both grew up in a small town called Walla Walla in Washington state.  It is known for wheat, onions, and criminals (the state penitentiary is there).  But in the past decades, Walla Walla has become famous for great wine too.  He was working for a winery there and started teaching me all about this incredible drink.

Passion for wine ticked all my boxes and spread like wildfire in me.  I love microbiology and seeing the magic that happens when you zoom in on life.  I love watching things grow using sunlight, water, and some dirt.  I love great food and music, and enjoying both with great people.  And I love hard, physical work.  Wine delivers it all for me.

As vintage nears, Adam spends many days out on the vineyard watching carefully as he selects only the best rows for the Hillersden Reserve wines.

I started my journey making premium, single-vineyard Syrah and red wines in Walla Walla.  I worked for Gramercy Cellars for a couple of years before looking overseas to increase my experience.  I found the cool climate winegrowing of Marlborough very attractive and landed here.  I planned on being here for 5 weeks or so but the New Zealand gravity sucked me in.  I spent the better part of the past 6 years at Indevin, New Zealand Wineries and Mahi learning the heart and soul of Marlborough wine.  When the opportunity came to join Hillersden I could not resist.  From the first trip up to the vineyards and meeting the people behind the project, I knew I was in all the way.  The Hillersden team is simply wonderful and the site is just breathtaking.  And the philosophy matches my own.

We are going to bring joy to the world with wines of quality and unique character and we are going to do it while being responsible caretakers of our environment.Adam Kubrock, Hillersden Winemaker

The potential for our vineyard and farm in the Upper Wairau Valley is enormous.  In the next few years, I expect to dial in on some of that potential.  We have some young vines coming online this year and the following.  We look forward to some real vibrant flavors out of these wines.  We are tweaking viticulture to further boost quality and deliver more components to the wine.  We are also looking at soils and microclimates to find what other varieties we might be suited for and we’ll be pushing for more and more sustainable practices… watch this space.

It’s all incredibly exciting and I’m positive that our discoveries will be rewarded in the upcoming wine releases.

A side note I find very cool;  ‘Walla Walla‘ is a native American name and means ‘many waters’.  Any guesses what the Maori word Wairau means?