Technically speaking, the perfect time to drink rosé wine is when it’s fresh and young. If you’re more of a red wine drinker, it’s the opportunity to segue into white wine territoryand vice versa!

Premiering our very first rosé this weekend at The Los Angeles Rosé & Bubbles Festival

Since our very first rosé ever is being released this summer, we thought it’d be a good time to share some ideas of when we think is the perfect time to drink the stuff. If you’re not aboard the rosé train yet, hop on board!

  1. Summertime is a state of mind

Usually served cold, it is particularly thirst quenching when it’s hot outside, but rosé can be enjoyed in any season.

Chilling tip: let sit in a bucket of half ice, half water for 20 minutes—or do what I do and stick in the freezer wrapped in wet paper towel for half the time.

  1. Starting the day alongside breakfast

Rosé is great by itself, but you can also mix it up with some juice or frozen berries in place of ice cubes—think mimosas, but pink!

Mixology tip: Freeze wine in ice cube trays and then blend to make trendy frosé (try adding just a hint of sugar and lemon juice).

  1. At your next barbeque

Usually a good pairing wine, think smoked or grilled meats or seafood, but also great with vegetables and salad too.

Glass tip: There is a type of wineglass made for rosé, but a white wineglass will do just fine.

Tasting Hillersden’s first rosé
  1. By itself, maybe on a beach

To continue the perfectly refreshing theme, rosé really is just as good on its own as well as with food. I love to take our wine on picnics with a cold wine tote.

Color tip: The different hues aren’t really related to taste, but just an indicator of what grapes it was made with.

  1. A special occasion

Very much like a glass of bubbly, this wine sometimes has a stereotype of celebrating something, or making a special moment with people you care about even happier.

Life tip: Everyday should be special, so celebrate today with rosé! 😉

Adam and Hillersden’s Los Angeles Brand Ambassador Amy Bates enjoying the new rosé
Our winemaker Adam Kubrock showing off our 2017 Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc and Rosé