“When I throw a stone in the water and watch the ripple it creates, it is a reminder of my journey and all those I’ve had the privilege to encounter with each new chapter in my life. As a wife and mother of three grown men, and co-owner in a vineyard with our own wine label, the story of my life is full of new adventures and wonderful people, my dreams of leaving a legacy are unfolding before me.” Marian Forlong, Owner

Adam Kubrock


Adam grew up in Walla Walla, a small town in Washington, made famous for great wine in recent decades.  In 2012 Adam visited New Zealand to work a four-week vintage in Marlborough. These four weeks soon became six years. While being mentored by some of New Zealand’s best winemakers, Adam discovered a new place to call home.

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Caleb Forlong

International Brand Manager

Hillersden is a co-creation of the Forlong father-son team (Bruce & Caleb Forlong)–a vision inspired by one afternoon stroll through the farm as Caleb listened to the dreams Bruce had for tomorrow. As a millennial vintner, Caleb leads a team of wine lovers, sharing the story of Hillersden at a time when the wine world is being pulled into the digital age. He believes each wine should have its own identity and encourages authenticity in wine production & marketing.

Listen to Caleb’s Journey on the Cru Podcast

Amy Bates

On-Premise Brand Manager

“To me, wine is one of the most fascinating things in the world! Inside a bottle of wine, you can find creativity, storytelling, chemistry, history and travel. Hillersden wines truly encompasses these elements, while showcasing what can be accomplished with thoughtful winemaking from the vineyard to the dinner table.”

Courtney A. Gora,

National Sales Manager

“Wine is a living thing whose origins, methods of production and appeal are constantly evolving. It is a child of its place and of the people who helped craft it. I got into the wine industry knowing I’d never learn everything about it – there are simply too many nuances and personalities making their mark on it – but also attracted to the quest for understanding it. Wine is a lifestyle that I love, and can talk about for ages.”

Denise Van Herpen

Retail & Chain Manager

“I’ve been working in the wine industry my entire professional career. I believe wine brings people together and always sparks fun and interesting conversation, even people you’ve never met! I find it so amazing to see the hard work, planning and constant fine-tuning that goes into creating a beautiful wine. When I first met Caleb, I walked away so excited to become part of the “family” and knew it would be an honor to tell the truly authentic story of Hillersden Wines and the passion that has gone into creating them.”

Bruce & Marian Forlong


Many of Bruce’s closest friends were surprised the day he first announced his move from the world of mechanical engineering into vineyard development. Bruce’s life has taught him two things well: a respect for people and a love of technology. Together, with winemaker Adam Kubrock and the Hillersden viticultural team, Bruce has reinvented many of the sustainable initiatives on our vineyard. He has an infectious passion for introducing automation and renewable energy sources to our site. His passion is honored on every Hillersden wine label.