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What makes Hillersden so different?

We don’t grow where most Marlborough wines do.

Hillersden is off the grid at the very edge of the main Marlborough growing region. Pass all the other big wineries, and then keep driving another 20 minutes to the Upper Wairau Valley. A unique place where our microclimate and soil produce something special - you haven’t tasted Marlborough wine like this.

Our team doesn't treat you like a number.

If you’re like us, you’re not just in the wine business for the money - you want to celebrate the craft and fun of sharing the best wine the world has to offer. With Hillersden you’re not just a number, you’re a fellow wine ambassador and a true partner that we’re eager to work with.

We've got a story that your customers will love.

“Family-owned” isn’t just a nice marketing phrase. Our family runs a hands-on farm, with sheep! Dad runs the place, while one son manages the vineyard and another manages our marketing and sales. Our wines are the product of a collaborative effort, passion and true craftsmanship.

We can scale with your needs.

Many boutique wineries struggle to meet demand. We are actively moving away from our volume wine supply to invest in our own portfolio. Meaning as you grow your business, we will be there with the full fruits of our 320 acres of vineyard to support you.

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A note from our winemaker

“As a young winemaker, I constantly wanted to tinker, taste and tinker again...I felt that the wines needed to be watched 24/7, and if I wasn't watching, something would go horribly wrong. Now, with 21 domestic and international vintages under my belt, I believe the true art is knowing how and when to apply my knowledge and skill set...and when to let nature take its course. It's about growing the best possible fruit in the vineyard and treating it respectfully in the winery environment. You just never know what each season will bring, which is the adventure of it all and keeps me coming back year after year.”


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